Andre Degenszajn is the Executive Director of Instituto Ibirapitanga. He was the Secretary-General of GIFE, the Brazilian association of institutes, foundations and companies, from 2013 to 2017. He has a Master’s in International Relations from PUC – Pontifical Catholic University, in São Paulo and was a professor of international relations at Santa Marcelina University from 2007 to 2011. Andre was one of the founders and is currently a member of the board of Conectas Human Rights and also serves on the board of Oxfam Brasil.

Iara Rolnik is Ibirapitanga’s program director. She has a degree in Sociology from USP – University of São Paulo and a Master’s in Demography from Unicamp – University of Campinas. She received a scholarship from the IRD – Institut de Recherche pour le Développement, in France and did internships at the University of Cordoba, in Argentina, and Iuav University of Venice, in Italy. Iara started her career in social and urban research within academia and in civil society organizations focused on policy development and human rights. She worked as a consultant to the General Secretary to the President of the Republic and, more recently, as knowledge manager of GIFE, the Brazilian association of institutes, foundations and companies, having produced important studies and reports about civil society in Brazil.

Manuela Thamani is Ibirapitanga’s head of operations. She has a degree in Business Administration and is currently a master’s student in Communication’s Social Interfaces at USP – University of São Paulo, where she studies the intersectionality of race and gender in relation to communications and education. She worked in media vehicles such as Yahoo, Catraca Livre and Nexo Jornal, focusing on strategic planning and project development.

Manu Justo is Ibirapitanga’s portfolio coordinator on Food systems. With a degree in Social Science from UFF – Fluminense Federal University, she did an academic exchange at the University of Coimbra, in Portugal, and an extension course in Projects and fundraising strategies at Cândido Mendes University, in Rio de Janeiro. She has worked for 13 years with civil society organizations in the design, development and management of social, educational and cultural projects. She was the institutional coordinator of PACS, the Alternative Policies Institute for the Southern Cone. Her experience includes institutional strengthening, innovation in democracy and socioeconomic development, projects that involve communications, popular education, training and advocacy, with a focus on reducing social inequalities of race and gender.

Mohara Valle is Ibirapitanga’s content coordinator. She has a degree in Social Communications with a focus on Advertising and Media from UFF – Fluminense Federal University. She has worked with communications for social interests for more than 10 years, within the third sector, anti-racist and feminist movements. Since 2011, she collaborates with civil society organizations in advocacy efforts through networks, specifically in the fields of gender, race and ethnicity. Between 2016 and 2019 she served as a communications and program consultant for Promundo-Brasil. Her experience includes communications and programs strategies to promote gender and race equity with a focus on social development.

Thales Vieira is Ibirapitanga’s portfolio coordinator for racial equity. He has a degree in Social Science from PUC – Pontifical Catholic University, in Rio de Janeiro and a Master’s in Anthropology from UFF – Fluminense Federal University. He has worked at Instituto Pereira Passos, in Rio de Janeiro, coordinating public policies for favelas, and in the State Secretary for Social Work and Human Rights. He served as a consultant for UN-HABITAT and for IDB – Inter-American Development Bank. From 2014 to 2018, Thales was a project analyst at Instituto Unibanco. Throughout his career, he has primarily worked defending human rights, fighting racism and other structural inequalities.